Podigee launches German ad marketplace in partnership with Seven.One Audio

Brands will have the opportunity to advertise with over 20,000 podcast shows

Podcast hosting and analytics company Podigee has launched a new German ad marketplace as part of a partnership with podcast marketing company Seven.One Audio.

Podigee Ad Marketplace will give brands and advertisers access to over 20,000 podcast shows with over 150 million monthly episode downloads in order to make it easier for podcast publishers and creators to monetise their content. Brands will also benefit from the ability to use contextual advertising by targeting the most-fitted content to their brand.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Podigee Ad Marketplace to bring podcast advertising in Germany to the next level,” said Podigee CEO Mateusz Sojka. “With the Podigee Ad Marketplace and our partnership with Seven.One Audio, we’re making it easier than ever for publishers to monetise their content and for advertisers to reach their target audiences.”

Creators that wish to monetise their content through Podigee Ad Marketplace can enrol their shows through their Podigee account, which will allow the platform to analyse their optimal advertising space and connect them with the right partner. Creators can also add advertising-relevant categories to the podcast to match with a brand that fits their content the most, as well as exclude the categories they don’t want or mark certain episodes in which they don’t want any advertising at all. 

The company said that until further notice, only podcasts with over 50,000 downloads within a 30 day period are eligible to participate in the program, but that the number will be reduced over time. The podcasts will also have to be checked and approved by Seven.One Audio for meeting the criteria to be successfully marketed before connecting them with an advertising partner, which is expected to take between a few days to weeks.

As with other popular podcast ad marketplaces from the likes of Acast and Libsyn, Podigee’s ad server uses dynamic insertion technology that the company says provides advertisers with “sophisticated targeting and reporting capabilities” as well as providing podcasters with the revenue and engagement analytics for ads.