Normal Gossip podcast joins Radiotopia network

New series will launch 5 April

Defector Media’s Normal Gossip podcast will be joining PRX’s independent Radiotopia network, the company has announced, with a fourth series set to debut on 5 April. 

Launched last year, the US-based podcast was co-created by Kelsey McKinney and Alex Sujong Laughlin, and looks at the rumours and gossip swapped by “normal people”, with listener’s stories anonymised and relayed to guests.

Radiotopia is a network of independent podcasts founded by 99% Invisible host Roman Mars, in which creators retain creative control and IP ownership of their shows. As part of the deal, Radiotopia will provide sales, marketing and promotional support, as well as assistance with technology and distribution.

“We’re psyched to be working with the team at Radiotopia, who care as much about the quality of the product we produce and the ethics of how we do so as we do,” said Kelsey McKinney, co-creator and host of Normal Gossip. “At every step of this process, Radiotopia has made us excited for the future of this show, and we hope to soon corrupt them into being as messy as we are.”

“2022 was a whirlwind for us. It was amazing to launch the show and see it connect with so many listeners immediately. We’re so excited to be partnering with Radiotopia and we can’t wait to bring you season four in April,” said Alex Laughlin, co-creator and producer of Normal Gossip.

The podcast has garnered significant praise since its launch last year, including plaudits from critics such as Vulture, Time and The Atlantic. The creators have also quickly moved into performing live shows, with a successful run of performances in Washington DC. 

“We’re honoured to partner with Kelsey, Alex, and the team at Defector Media on Normal Gossip. It’s a show we not only love to listen to, but admire for their limitless creativity and dedication,” said Radiotopia executive producer Audrey Mardavich. "Normal Gossip and Defector Media are strong advocates and allies in independent media. They’re a perfect addition to the Radiotopia community, and we can’t wait for all that’s ahead.”