Vizzy Studio introduces new one-click video podcast export tool

Podcast creators will be able to easily create and upload videos to YouTube

Podcast software platform Vizzy Studio has launched a new feature for its video editing tool which allows users to quickly export video clips for YouTube and other platforms. 

Users can create visuals for their podcast episodes by uploading their audio files to the Vizzy editing studio and inserting contextually relevant images at various points throughout the episode timeline, then generating it as a video file with just one click. 

“We’ve been excited to launch this product which has broad application to podcasters, creators and even educators" said Vizzy CEO Nic Ivanov. “This method of producing video satisfies many requirements; it’s fast, simple and effective, while still providing engaging on screen visuals. We also expect this to be popular for the production of narrated video slideshows and many other creative applications”

In addition to adding images to audio files, Vizzy’s platform also allows podcasters to create chapters and short form URLs that can link directly to products and advertisers mentioned in the episode. 

Decorating by The Book’s host and creator Suzy Chase told PodPod how using Vizzy helped enhance her podcast by making it more visually appealing. “The images and clickable links and chapters is something in podcasting that I've never seen before and it's mind-blowing,” she said. 

Ivanov said that this new video editing feature can help creators grow their podcast without the need of a camera or video editing skills and that distributing them on YouTube is especially important with the growing popularity of video podcasting. The video streaming giant was the most-preferred platform for podcast consumption in 2022 according to the Podcast Advertising Report released in May last year by voiceover talent marketplace Voices. 

“With YouTube’s official entrance into podcasting this year, it’s more important than ever for podcasters to have a presence on the platform,” said Ivanov. 

YouTube recently announced that it was testing out a new podcast management feature in Studio which allows for creators to upload and manage podcasts easily, mark new and existing playlists as ‘Podcasts’, and view podcast-specific analytics including performance, audience, and revenue. This is part of the platform’s continued approach to expanding its podcast tools and technology.