Australian broadcaster Neil Mitchell launches new podcast

Veteran journalist’s latest series will feature deeper, longer-form interviews than daily radio show

Australian radio presenter and 3AW morning news host Neil Mitchell has announced the launch of a new podcast series premiering on 21 February. 

The six-part series, titled Neil Mitchell Asks Why?, is produced by 9Podcasts, the podcast production arm of major Australian broadcast company Channel Nine. The show will see Mitchell in conversation with a number of leading Australian figures talking about their lives, careers, and what led them to become the person they are today. 

“I’m looking forward to this immensely. Radio is a superb medium but time can be your enemy,” said Mitchell. “With the podcast I will be able to go to greater lengths to tease out what is behind a person or an event. 

“After a million years of asking questions in radio, TV and newspapers I feel this will give me the chance to ask even more. But there is still one unbreakable rule for guests, whoever they are – they must be interesting.”

As opposed to his daily radio show, Mornings with Neil Mitchell, the experienced broadcaster will use the podcast to dig deeper into peoples’ lives and have longer and more detailed conversations. 

Radio and broadcast journalists are increasingly turning to podcasts as a way to offer more in-depth interviews to audiences. UK journalist John Sweeney launched his own interview podcast last year, and similar to Mitchell’s experience, Canadian broadcasting company CBC previously announced in January that its hit radio show Q with Tom Power will be taking on a new podcast-first format that allows for the host to feature more in-depth and focused interviews.