Podimo to launch presence in Mexico starting March 2023

Exclusive content to appear on platform hosted and produced by Mexican creators

Podcast and audiobook subscription service Podimo has announced that it will be expanding its network to Mexico in March this year, with a new slate of exclusive podcast content planned. 

To support the launch, Podimo has established a regional team located in Mexico City, which will be scouting out new creators and podcast content with a regional focus, amplifying the voices and stories coming directly from Mexican creators. The platform’s podcasts will range across genres including true crime, sexuality, investigative journalism, body positivity, and personal relationships. 

“The Mexican creator community has welcomed us with open arms,” said Podimo Mexico’s head of content Wendolín Perla. “We’re extremely honoured to be working with such a diverse range of talent, and to provide high-value content that supports our ambitions of providing a fair and sustainable subscription model for both creators and listeners.” 

The decision for Podimo to expand into Mexico’s podcast market comes after the region experienced an increase in podcast consumption over the past four years, up 70%, as well as the increase of more influential people joining the industry. According to Statista, the number of podcast listeners in Mexico is expected to grow from 40 million in 2023 to 50 million in 2026. 

“Podimo wants to empower Mexican creators, based on the idea that a podcast is a product that deserves to be paid for,” said Podimo CEO and founder Morten Strunge. “Placing local talent and their stories in the spotlight is our priority.” 

Although Podimo is currently not available in the UK, Podimo also recently announced that it will be expanding its presence in the British podcast market by signing with top podcast production companies to create over 20 new projects in the region. This includes three multi-podcast partnerships with production companies Listen, What’s The Story Sounds and ‘slow news’ publisher Tortoise Media, as well as a number of one-off podcast deals with MagsCreative, TellTale industries, Message Heard, and Vespucci.