Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

The latest binge-worthy podcast finds from Pow PR, AiAi Studios, and more

We’re back with the second week of Earworms, the latest PodPod feature recommending the best podcasts to listen to over the weekend recommended by the experts themselves – including one from PodPod’s very own main show host, Rhianna Dhillon. 

In addition to the latest recommendations, we’ve gathered the best new podcast drops from this week, ranging from making the best out of applying for degree apprenticeships to learning about environmental issues through music and fiction. 

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Rhianna Dhillon – PodPod host and film critic 

I’ve only just discovered Namaste Motherf**kers, which means I have a huge bank of episodes to indulge in! Cally Beaton interviews guests with so much empathy and the level of research she puts into each guest means that we end up with some fantastic anecdotes. As a listener who also interviews people for a living, I find it really inspiring and Cally is such a warm, generous host, I want to be her friend!

Rahmon Agbaje – Co-founder, Loud Parade

I've been listening to Huberman Lab. Learning more about the science behind creativity is inspiring, motivating and so insightful. The nature of the podcast is very practical, which I enjoy.

Fiona Fraser – Director, Pow PR 

I am very late to the party on this one but I recently binged Hoaxed over a return train journey and it was gripping. Alexi Mostrous is such a great storyteller. He is almost painfully thorough and just when you least expect it, he drops a bomb and you are left gobsmacked. I really enjoyed the live element of it, too, where it sets up in the first few episodes and then we follow his investigation. The last episode ends so well, it was brilliant.

Aiwan Obinyan – CEO & founder, AiAi Studios

The Blindboy Podcast. I'm a storyteller and a musician and there's something deeply soul-stirring hearing an artist bring both of these things together in a one-of-a-kind, immersive and evocative way. It really makes the artist within come alive with shouts of joy. Blindboy takes storytelling, poetry, comedy and the occasional interview and mixes it with history and sometimes mythology, to create a powerful audio journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. This podcast will move you, make you laugh, think and question what you thought you knew. The ocarina pauses and his critique of the current state of the podcast 'industry' are spot on!

Rich Romano – Vice-president of marketing, Libsyn

I am a huge fan of FBI Retired Case File Review with Jerri Williams. Jerri, who is a retired FBI agent, is so authentic in her storytelling approach. I love her mission to humanise the FBI by bringing in retired agents to tell the stories of the work they have done over the years. There are so many fascinating cases that really show how the FBI has been instrumental in preventing so many things from happening. Bravo to Jerri!

Freshly dropped

These are some of our picks for the most interesting new podcasts (and podcast series) launching this week, including a range of genres and styles.

Backstage with Patreon

The new original series by subscription platform Patreon goes behind-the-scenes with interviews that tell you what’s going on in the present and for the future of the platform. The first episode premiered 6 February, with the first guest Patreon product manager Jenn Pugh, who focuses on the platform’s billing model and membership tiers.

UCAS Choices

Season two of the podcast by educational support service UCAS, all about degree apprenticeships, debuted on 6 February with its host, TV and radio presenter Katie Thistleton. This follows the success of the first season, titled Clearing Choices, on the days that follow getting your results to applying for university. 

Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind

Hosted by magician, academic and psychologist Richard Wiseman and science journalist Marnie Chesterton, this new show from Podimo and TellTale Industries explores what makes us tick, answering questions from celebrities and the audience. The first episode features guest Rob Rinder and debuted 8 February.

Phone a Friend

Canadian comedian Jessi Cruickshank has this week launched her first podcast series, Phone a Friend, launched in partnership with Acast. Premiering 9 February, the interview-based show kicked off with Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy, with whom she co-hosted MTV’s The Hills companion show more than 10 years ago.

Once Upon a Meadow

A brand-new series by the creators of award-winning podcast Out There, this podcast caters towards young listeners aged four to nine, exploring environmental and social justice through fictional tales and original music. The first episode debuted on 7 February.