You’re Dead To Me podcast launches sixth series

Premieres with Valentine’s Day-themed episode on 18th-century dating

BBC Sounds’ You’re Dead To Me history and comedy podcast launched its sixth series on 10 February. 

The series has premiered with a Valentine’s Day special episode on courtship, dating and Georgian love in the 18th century, featuring comedian Cariad Lloyd and historian Dr Sally Holloway as the expert on the topic. 

“So it's how people dated and courted in the 1700s – very sort of Bridgerton vibes,” comedian and podcast host Greg Jenner told PodPod. “It's very funny, it's slightly chaotic, there's some stuff in there that's quite creepy, and that's our launch episode.” 

The series will be coming out weekly and will feature an array of guests and topics, such as Irish comedian Alison Spittle on the early medieval papacy and why being a pope was considered dangerous, Ahir Shah on the ancient Indus Civilisation of South Asia in the Bronze Age, Desiree Burch on the The Columbian Exchange, Olga Koch on the history of vital electricity, and more. 

Jenner also teased to PodPod that there may be a potential live episode for the finale of You’re Dead To Me series six in development, centred around Leonardo da Vinci with comedian and television presenter Dara Ó Briain.

You’re Dead To Me was ranked as the third most popular podcast on BBC Sounds’ ‘Top Ten Podcasts’ across plays in its Q4 2022 report, behind current affairs podcast Newscast and supernatural series The Witch Farm. Since launching in 2019, the podcast has amassed over 60m downloads and has been nominated twice at the British Podcast Awards – for Listeners’ Choice Award in 2021 and Best Entertainment in 2022.