Libsyn declares data integration partnership with YouTube

Advertisers will now be able to gain valuable insight on video podcast campaigns

Podcasting company Libsyn has announced a new data integration partnership with its advertising marketplace AdvertiseCast and social platform YouTube. 

This partnership will allow for advertisers, brands and podcasters to gain video podcasting download insights from IAB-compliant data in order to understand the value of publishing shows in multi-formats. The data is also accessible to podcasters that are hosting on the Libsyn platform even if they are not monetising through AdvertiseCast. 

“Podcasters are increasingly uploading their shows to YouTube as both a distribution and marketing channel, and AdvertiseCast is continuing to offer richer data and insights on campaign performance for brand partners,” said AdvertiseCast senior vice president of sales Anthony Savelli. “Libsyn was the first hosting company to support publishing podcasts to YouTube and this data integration furthers our commitment to the multi-channel approach and will provide better transparency to brands and advertisers.”

According to Savelli, YouTube is considered one of “the most popular podcast listening platforms” in the US and the usage share has increased by just over 10% between 2019 and 2022. YouTube was also the top preferred podcast platform in April 2022, and is currently tied with audio giant Spotify, which also hosts video podcasts, according to insights from Signal Hill and Cumulus Media

Libsyn has been taking a number of steps to cement its impact in the podcasting industry by making a number of investments, including the integration of a high-quality remote recording tool – which it announced at PodFest Expo 2023 – and its recent acquisition of monetisation rights for the hit true-crime Lore podcast.