CBC’s hit live-radio show Q With Tom Power relaunches in podcast format

Show will now appear on-demand first every weekday before being broadcast on radio

Broadcasting company CBC has announced that its hit live-radio celebrity interview show Q With Tom Power is relaunching as a podcast-first on-demand show before airing on radio, starting from 30 January. 

The show will continue to release five days a week with in-depth interviews from the host Tom Power and celebrity guests, but will be available first as a podcast each weekday morning, before being broadcast on over 90 radio stations across the US. 

“I’m so proud of the work we’ve been doing on Q to have candid, honest conversations with some of the greatest artists of our time,” said Power. “Now that we’re re-launching it as a podcast-first show, we have even more freedom to keep those authentic conversations going, and bring new people to the show. Plus, I can’t wait to start doing mattress ads.”

The timing for each episode has also been cut down, with the new podcast format changing from an approximately one hour and 15-minute radio show to a 48-minute podcast show.

The announcement includes a new line-up of guests for upcoming episodes from now until 10 February, including the first episode with Sam Smith and Shania Twain, and others later on such as Matty Healy, Laura Dern and Anna Kendrick. 

Other podcast shows that the CBC has invested in lately include the recently-launched true crime series Love, Janessa with the BBC World Service as part of a content partnership, which includes two more podcast series that are yet to be announced. 

Popular radio shows that have also been converted into podcast formats include NPR’s Fresh Air, which was broadcast on the radio since 1985 and made available as a podcast from 2007 onwards, and weekly radio show This American Life, which launched its podcast adaptation in 2006 and now gets 750,000 downloads per podcast episode on average.