Goodstuff head of audio says podcasts “need to be included” in your media mix

Execs from Bauer Media, St Luke’s and Goodstuff talk digital audio at PodPod and Campaign summit

Podcasts are now a vital addition to a brand’s strategy as digital listening rapidly increases in popularity, according to media agency Goodstuff’s head of audio Sam Austin. 

The executive spoke at a panel which highlighted the importance of incorporating digital audio into your media strategy at the Campaign & PodPod Radio & Audio Advertising Summit - alongside Bauer Media’s group business director Jenna Voyce and independent agency St Luke’s chief creative officer Al Young and moderated by Bauer Media’s recently-appointed chief creative officer Lucie Cave

“Podcasts are no longer emerging, they’re part of the media mix,” Austin said. “They need to be included.” 

A recent stat from the annual Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2023 report revealed that 72% of news leaders are planning to invest more resources into podcasts and digital audio this year as they become a more essential medium to add to their strategy. 

Although Bauer is more popularly known as a radio broadcaster, digital audio and podcasts like The Empire Film Podcast now make up 75% of its listening, as revealed by Voyce during the panel discussion. The executive also emphasised the importance of using radio elements in digital audio in terms of building a consistent audience over a long period of time. 

“Digital can supercharge what radio is famous for,” said Voyce. “... Brands have an appreciation for the consistency of an audio identity… [and the] excitement about creativity of audio.” 

Additionally, Voyce pointed out that over 60% of Bauer’s listening comes from a digital device which emphasised Young’s point on the exciting future of interactive audio through apps and technology when it comes to digital. “[It’s] the ultimate browsing companion,” he said. 

Other highlights from the session included discussions on how digital audio can benefit brands and media publications for a number of reasons, including catering to a cheaper budget. “You can get the world’s greatest actors and celebrities for nothing compared to cameras,” said Young.

In addition to being lower in cost, the panel also emphasised that digital audio can create more targeted and effective campaigns through the benefit of contextual advertising which can align brands with specific podcast personalities that can reflect their identity in an authentic way. 

“You can align an ad to the content of the show… you know that something in that show is going to reference what the advertiser is saying,” said Austin. 

Ad campaigns also benefit from digital audio by giving advertisers access to audience insights and demographics that allow them to see the real-time conversion of audiences, including which competitors they’re going to and if they’re heading over to the brand’s website.