Acast continues global expansion with new partnership in the Netherlands

Podcast company Tonny Media joins Meer Van Dit in signing with Acast

Independent podcast company Acast has announced another partnership in the Netherlands as it continues to expand its presence across Europe

The new partnership with independent podcast production company Tonny Media was announced on Wednesday and is part of Acast’s initiative to continue working with advertisers in the Netherlands market - like Alpro, Discovery+, Just Eat and Klaviyo - and producing more Dutch content this year. 

“The Netherlands is a mature market that we’ve sold podcast advertising in for a long time,” said Acast managing director Megan Davies. “Now that we’re partnering with premium content producers and generating connections with podcasts loved by thousands of Dutch people, we’re creating fresh momentum with advertisers in the region and further afield. Giving this content a global stage is our focus and we couldn’t be happier to facilitate this for Tonny Media.”

Tonny Media has produced a total of 30 podcasts, as shown on its website, as well as a range of successful podcast advertising campaigns with brands like T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, and Google Nest Hub. With this partnership, the podcast production company said that it will be able to reach a wider audience and utilise Acast’s expertise and innovative technologies. 

“As one of the largest podcast production companies in the Netherlands, we're looking forward to partnering with Acast,” said Tonny Media founder Titus van Dijk, “We plan to create and share more great podcasts for all sorts of audiences in 2023. And with Acast, our ambition is to help not just our podcasts, but also the podcast market in the Netherlands grow further to reach a much wider audience”.

In November 2022, Acast previously announced that it was launching its presence in the Netherlands by signing with podcast production company Meer Van Dit. As part of the partnership, the platform would be able to host, monetise, and distribute shows from Meer Van Dit making them more accessible to audiences globally.

Acast also named the Netherlands a “key player in European podcasting” and said that it would continue to invest in the market due to high demand for podcast advertising and a large network of creators.