Spotify’s Stream On live event is back in-person this spring

Livestream will be available on the day so creators and fans can connect worldwide

Audio giant Spotify has announced the dates for its annual Stream On conference, which this year returns as a live physical event. 

The event, which will be held on the 8th of March at the Arts District in Los Angeles, is a forum for the company to deliver significant announcements and updates. 

During this year’s event, attendees can expect to hear the latest news from Spotify on the launch of new creator tools, feature and product updates, and exclusive podcast announcements. For podcasters or podcast fans, there will also be speaker sessions from experts taking deep dives on some of the most popular podcasts on the platform as well as how the podcast industry is evolving. 

“During Stream On, we’ll share how Spotify is unlocking new possibilities for more creators than ever before so they can better connect with and build a truly global audience,” the company stated. “We’ll also share the latest developments and tools to help more creators chart their pathways to success, get discovered by new audiences, build an engaged community, and connect with fans worldwide.” 

The event will be available for global audiences to attend virtually through Spotify’s For The Record company news website or on Spotify’s YouTube channel. 

Highlights from last year’s Stream On event included a session on podcast advertising in which the company announced the launch of advertising marketplace Spotify Audience Network, new features for Streaming Ad insertion which include audience-based buying and native ad placements, and beta-testing of a self-serve platform for advertisers, Spotify Ad Studio. 

Additionally, a session on Spotify’s podcast platform Anchor revealed a partnership between site-building platform WordPress and Anchor that enables creators to publish written content as podcasts and create a website to cross-promote their show. New features were also revealed such as an interactivity tool for polls and Q&As with fans, video podcasting, and monetisation through paid subscriptions.