Podcasters can now publish Apple Podcast subscriber content through third-party platforms

Blubrry, Libsyn, Omny Studio, and RSS.com first to support Delegated Delivery beta

Apple Podcasts has officially started rolling out the beta programme for its new Delegated Delivery subscriptions feature, allowing podcast creators with a membership to the Apple Podcasters Program to publish subscriber-only content for their shows through third-party hosting providers. 

Four hosting providers are currently supporting the feature, including Blubrry, Libsyn, and RSS.com, and Omny Studio.

“We’ve built our business on supporting creators and making it easier for them to share their work across more platforms and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Apple, the pioneering platform of the podcast industry, with the availability of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions,” said Libsyn president and chief product officer John W. Gibbons. “We look forward to building on our partnership with Apple to simplify podcast distribution for Libsyn’s 75,000+ podcasters and make it seamless for them to grow their shows and subscriptions on Apple Podcasts.”

“Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is an elegant way to help creators monetize their podcasts. We’ve been eager to support it since it launched and we are thrilled to be able to do so beginning today," said Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane. “The automated process makes it incredibly simple for podcasters to publish their premium shows and episodes to Apple Podcasts as part of their standard publishing process.”

Other hosting providers that are expected to support Apple Podcasts Subscriptions later on this year include independent podcast company Acast, Amazon company ART19, and podcast hosting platform Buzzsprout. So far, there are 25 hosting providers that have been announced as partners for this feature. 

With Delegated Delivery, creators will be able to authorise their hosting provider to publish and schedule premium episodes directly to Apple Podcasts as well as submit shows to the Apple Podcasts directory. In return, they will be able to monetise their content on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions through a simplified automated process.

To activate the feature, members can generate API keys via their Apple Podcasts Connect accounts and share them with their hosting provider. 

Delegated Delivery was previously introduced on Apple Podcasts for Creators in May 2022 as part of the company’s expanding portfolio of advanced tools and technologies for creators in the podcasting industry. 

“Our longstanding partnership with Apple has enabled us to streamline the podcast distribution process, saving podcast creators valuable time and money,” said Triton digital senior vice president of podcast strategy and product operations Sharon Taylor. “We look forward to continuing to help podcasters manage their library of free and subscriber shows directly in the Omny Studio platform, making it even easier to target multiple audiences and add new shows to the Apple Podcasts catalog with just a few clicks.”

“At RSS.com we strive to build cutting edge technology to empower content creators, and are thrilled to partner with Apple Podcasts to offer this new monetization tool,” said RSS.com co-founder Alberto Betella.