Project Brazen to launch new podcast and documentary series on Havana Syndrome

Podcast will be hosted by former Guardian reporter Nicky Woolf

Global journalist studio and podcast production company Project Brazen has announced it is launching a new podcast and docuseries investigating the medical condition Havana Syndrome, according to Deadline.

The eight-part podcast series titled The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome will be launching later this month on 23 January and is made in partnership with non-profit public media company PRX, and audio production company Goat Rodeo. 

Nicky Woolf, an ex-reporter from The Guardian and New Statesman magazine, will be hosting the podcast and investigating theories on how the syndrome started affecting U.S. diplomats, as well as interviewing spies, neurologists, physicists, and diplomats on their experiences with it. 

“This show has been incredibly exciting to report – and at times incredibly scary,” said Woolf. “I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Woolf has previously hosted the Audible Original podcast series Finding Q: My Journey into QAnon in 2021, exploring the political conspiracy theory which originated from the American far right in 2017.

A docuseries by Project Brazen will also be following the podcast with the company’s executive producer and director having travelled to multiple countries for six months filming for the docuseries as part of the investigation. 

Project Brazen, which was co-founded by ex-Wall Street Journal investigative journalists and Pulitzer finalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, has created a number of podcasts in partnership with PRX including Corinna and the King, People Like Us, and Kabul Falling

“Nicky Woolf is the master of taking audiences on wild journeys in search of the truth,” said Hope. “In The Sound, he shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes in this extraordinarily fascinating and important story.”