Libsyn Studio all-in-one podcast creation features launched in general availability

Further enhancements include recording reusable chapters and new user interface

Podcast hosting and distribution platform Libsyn has now completed the integration of its Studio podcast recording and production product into its core platform.

Launched in beta earlier this year, Libsyn Studio offers creators an all-in-one solution with which they can plan, record, and distribute on the same platform. The functionality will be bundled into all Libsyn’s podcast hosting plans at no additional cost, and will not count towards customers’ storage limits.

“We’ve built Libsyn to be a one-stop destination for the full spectrum of new to established podcasters to access everything they need to unleash their full creative potential,” said senior product manager at Libsyn, Yvette Menase. “We’re continually investing in cutting-edge tools to make it even easier for creators to record shows directly from Libsyn and we’re streamlining workflows for podcasters so they can quickly record, distribute, and monetize their content.”

The Libsyn Studio functionality is based on the technology of podcast creation platform Auxbus, which Libsyn acquired in February 2021 for an undisclosed sum.

In addition to the Studio, Libsyn also added a new feature that enables podcasters to record reusable chapters such as intros and outros, which can then be automatically inserted in multiple future episodes. The chapters can also be modified or re-recorded later on before publishing an episode. Libsyn has also remodelled its platform with a new user interface and navigation system designed to provide easier access and allow podcasters to look at performance data in a clearer way. 

The company also said it plans to introduce more podcast tools and features in the coming months.