PodX Group becomes majority shareholder in Argentina’s first podcast production company

Posta buyout represents PodX’s first investment in Latin America

International audio content company PodX Group has announced its acquisition of a majority stake in podcast production company Posta, marking its first investment into Latin America.

Posta is Argentina’s first podcast production company and has produced more than 150 shows, including award-winning branded podcasts across 60 worldwide companies like Netflix, Uber, HBO, and more. The company’s footprint includes listeners in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Brazil.

With the new acquisition, Posta and PodX hope to continue building audio content for Spanish audiences through original fiction and non-fiction podcasts, consolidating PodX’s line of branded content, and expanding into the U.S. Hispanic markets. 

“...The PodX team has proven to be the best partner to take this gigantic leap into the future of Posta,” said co-founder and chief creative officer of Posta Luciano Banchero. “I’m thankful for their continued trust and investment, and believe they will level up our current capabilities, expand our values of diversity, innovation and excellence in audio, to help us achieve our dream of reaching even more millions of listeners.”

"Posta has really great and unique creativity and quality in the audio entertainment they create and deliver in the Spanish-speaking part of the world,” said co-founder and executive director of PodX Group Patrick Svensk. “It will be so exciting to support them in creating an even bigger footprint for their content, not only in Argentina and LatAm, but also in the rest of the podcasting space. Posta is so very welcome into the PodX family and I already love working with them."

Latin America, alongside Western Europe, is predicted to have 30% of its internet users listen to podcasts at least once per month, according to the Global Podcast Listener Forecast 2022–2026 by Insider Intelligence, which is the second highest rate, just after North America at 40%.

PodX Group has been dedicated to investing into international companies and IP rights in the global podcasting market which have included podcast studio Nouvelles Écoutes in France and audio fiction company Goldhawk Productions in the UK. The company’s aim is to continue investing and consolidating into independent audio content producers to build a larger network of independent companies in the audio sector.

The consolidation of independent podcast houses is a fast-growing trend in the podcasting industry as it continues to expand to wider audiences. A number of global audio players that have taken part include Amazon Music with its acquisition of Wondery, Spotify’s acquisition of Gimlet media, Parcast, and The Ringer, and more.