Real Housewives producer Alex Baskin to develop tandem TV series and podcast project

Partnership with AYR Media will explore the crimes and cons of American fraudster David Bloom

TV producer Alex Baskin will create a new simultaneous TV and podcast documentary series based on con artist David Bloom. 

Created in partnership with production company AYR Media, the podcast titled King Con: The Whiz Kid will be narrated and produced by The Hills actress Caroline D’Amore - who was also one of Bloom’s latest victims before his conviction on 2 December 2022. She will be sharing her experience of being scammed by Bloom, as well as talking to other victims that helped convict him of defrauding investors out of almost $15M.

“This is a story that needs to be told,” said Baskin. “It’s compelling and cautionary at the same time, and I couldn’t be more proud to work with this team to bring attention, awareness and justice to this matter.”

Baskin, whose television experience includes The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Botched, will executive produce the podcast alongside AYR Media founder Aliza Rosen. Rosen also produced hit documentary podcasts like iHeartPodcasts’ Queen of the Con on the scams of Lizzie Mulder and Audible’s Bitter Blood on the family feud in radio legend Casey Kasem’s life. Johnathan Walton, host of Queen of the Con, will also executive produce the podcast in addition to Baskin and Rosen. 

“When it comes to con men, David Bloom is in a league of his own,” said Rosen. “With Alex and Johnathan onboard, and Caroline taking centre stage armed with heaps of personal evidence and access, we feel uniquely equipped to peel back the layers on Bloom’s ridiculously long list of misdeeds.”

The project will be simultaneously developed for both podcast and TV formats. AYR media is currently partnered with other studios to help them adapt other hit documentary podcasts into TV productions, including Bitter Blood, Queen of the Con, and Audible’s podcast The Murder of Robert Wone.