Magellan AI partners with Experian to enhance its Attribution tooling

Collaboration will provide more accurate data and optimised podcast campaigns

Podcast advertising database Magellan AI has announced on Tuesday its collaboration with global information services company Experian to power its Attribution beta program. 

Attribution by Magellan AI was announced as a new development to the company’s platform in September 2022, which allows podcast advertisers to access its dashboard for insights into podcast campaign performance and analytics. It delivers third-party data on delivered ad impressions and verifications as well as a full-funnel attribution model curated from podcast campaign insights, such as views through conversions and transactions.

To enhance the program, Magellan AI will now use Experian’s Identity Graph to provide more accurate data and precise insights so marketers and podcast advertisers will be able to lead more optimised podcast campaigns as a result. 

“Advertisers and marketers want to be confident in planning, optimizing and measuring the success of their campaigns.” said Chris Feo, senior vice president of sales and partnerships for Experian Marketing Services. “While fragmentation continues to challenge marketers, we’re excited to work with Magellan AI to enable more intelligent podcast campaigns.”

Experian’s identity resolution technology involves a data management process that checks, validates, and appends information across a person or business’ digital footprint, with a matching process to provide a single data-rich profile. 

“The diversification of podcast hosting and listening platforms can lead to wildly varying data coming from publishers and advertisers,” said Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI. “Through collaboration with Experian, we can map data with precision to clean up reporting for our clients and provide them with incredibly accurate attribution results.”

In November, Magellan AI was validated as a third-party partner by monetisation and hosting platform Spreaker from iHeart, to allow all its advertising campaigns to use the Attribution program to gain in-depth insights into podcast advertising

Attribution by Magellan AI is currently available as a beta program, which advertisers can sign up for on the website but the company has plans to make it more widely available in Q1 of 2023.