Family podcasts claim highest CPM rates in Libsyn marketplace stats

Fiction, TV and news were among the most affordable categories

Kids and family podcasts bring in the highest CPM rates, according to the latest monthly figures from Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast network, with a CPM of $28 for a 60-second ad slot based on delivered impressions throughout November.

This was followed by science podcasts at a $27 CPM, and the technology and health & fitness category with $26. The average CPM rate for November was $24.76, representing a 3% increase versus October, and a 6% uplift year on year.

“Advertisers are seeing a steady climb in podcast reach and the frequency among the highly engaged people that are listening. Amidst current economic headwinds and social media brand safety concerns, protecting and maximising ad investments has become top-of-mind for brands. Podcasting is rising to the challenge by meeting marketers’ needs for stable returns,” said AdvertiseCast chief revenue officer Dave Hanley. 

“From creative ideation and precision targeting to campaign management and execution, AdvertiseCast is helping to create an effective, safe, and suitable environment for advertisers to tap the power of podcasting.”

For those looking for more affordable campaigns, Libsyn also highlighted fiction, TV, and news as more accessible categories, with average CPMs falling in the low twenties.

These average figures are based on actual sales data from the AdvertiseCast platform, which offers media buyers the ability to run self-service ad campaigns across more than 3,000 Libsyn-hosted podcasts, alongside a fully-managed internal agency team. Rival Acast has also launched its own self-serve ad marketplace this week, in an effort to attract more small-business advertisers to its platform.