Speaker launches new programmatic ad tool to boost brand safety

New M.A.G.D.A technology uses machine learning to combat miscategorised ads

Spreaker has unveiled new technology which uses machine learning to combat miscategorised ads on its programmatic marketplace. 

The company’s new M.A.G.D.A technology is designed to address the highly discussed issue of quality control and brand safety within programmatic advertising, and ensure that podcast owners have better control over what ads appear alongside their content. Major podcast monetisation platforms such as Spreaker include options for media owners to block specific kinds of adverts from playing on their podcast based on established IAB categories, but this can become redundant when an ad is uncategorised or miscategorised.

M.A.G.D.A uses machine-learning models to transcribe programmatic ads in real-time and automatically categorise them accordingly.The technology can also detect miscategorised ads. The new capabilities have already been trialled by Audioboom, with the system proving itself to be effective and successful.

“During the 2022 US Midterms, Spreaker worked proactively with Audioboom to clean up the system,” said Lance Paterson, vice-president of research at Audioboom, “introducing M.A.G.D.A technology for all ad spots. The results have been impressive. Misleading or miscategorized ads are now identified and are much more easily traced back to their source partner. Less than ten escaped the first pass of the process during the entire campaign season and were much more readily identified.".

"We’ve always worked to bring accuracy, brand safety, and value for podcasting to the fore. When clients and publishers can trust what they’re getting, it improves the whole sales cycle and generates more revenue. This new technology steps up our game ahead of other platforms, gives our partners more reassurance, and our listeners a much more enjoyable experience.” 

The name of this new technology is an abbreviation of Machine Augmented Guard for Dynamic Advertising, but its origin has a dual meaning. Magda Frietas was the first Spreaker employee to work on ad quality control for the company. She now heads the ad quality division and the company has recognised her work through the name of the new technology.