Disctopia integrates Bitcoin payments through partnership with Alby

Indie content platform seeks to implement ‘pay what you want’ system to boost creators

Independent podcast hosting and streaming platform Disctopia has announced plans to integrate Bitcoin payments into its platform to make profits for creatives more equitable.

The indie content platform has partnered with cryptocurrency wallet provider Alby, which offers browser-based wallets via the Lightning Network. Disctopia will allow listeners to use a new or existing wallet account to pay and receive Bitcoin via an Alby extension in their browser. 

Disctopia, which is based in North Carolina, USA, describes itself as ‘on a mission to revolutionise the industry by offering artists equitable profits from every stream’. By teaming up with Alby it aims to make it possible for listeners to contribute financially to creators what they feel the content is worth, through the company’s 'Value for Value' [V4V] model.

“We are very excited about partnering with Alby and integrating V4V,” said Patrick Hill, founder and CEO of Disctopia. “With this integration, we will remain committed to paying creators for their content. Through V4V, Disctopia enables creators worldwide to gain profits for their work regardless of where they live or how their content is consumed. Our platform will be one of the first to pay musicians and podcasters fairly per stream, download, and play.”

According to the co-founders of Alby, it is: “a project devoted to building Bitcoin and lightning network infrastructure, and podcasting is one of the first industries to benefit. Disctopia and Alby’s collaboration to bring instant and direct micropayment monetization to new content formats, such as video, music, and audiobooks, is another promising sign for the lightning and V4V movement.”