Listen teams with manager of viral YouTube group Sidemen to launch creator economy podcast

The new weekly video offering will provide insight from the world’s leading content creators

Independent podcast agency Listen has launched a new weekly video podcast, on 23 November, exploring the creator economy as part of a partnership with the co-founder of management firm Arcade Media, Jordan Schwarzenberger. 

Schwarzenberger’s firm’s first clients include content creators Sidemen, a YouTube group with 17.3m subscribers, managed by Schwarzenberger, and TikTok star Holly H, who has 15.8m followers. 

The series, titled UNBOXED, is hosted by Schwarzenberger and will feature him in conversation with a range of content creators including YouTuber Zac Alsop, and TikTokers/ Gogglebox pair Joe and George Baggs in the podcast’s first-released episodes, with many more guests similar to them to come.

“I’m hugely excited to be teaming up with Listen on the creation of UNBOXED,” said Schwarzenberger. “The idea, which started out as a small but ambitious idea to create a resource for young people to get into the industry, has now been brought to life by them and their incredible team.

“Hopefully this can really help to support the next wave of creators and executives looking to get into the social and creator industry, and can be both a platform and community for young people in the space for many years to come.”

UNBOXED is using a multi-channel marketing approach to promote the podcast show through video and audio, with full videos available to watch on Spotify and YouTube and bonus episodes available on Apple. 

“Teaming up with Jordan for our first Original was a no-brainer,” said director of content at Listen Darby Dorras. “We totally aligned on our missions – to create a fully functioning multichannel-podcast offering.

“Jordan is an exceptional talent, who lives and breathes the creator economy. We’re so excited to get the show out there.”