New slate of original shows helps Glassbox Media to over 7m monthly downloads

Signings include exclusive deal with host of philosophy podcast Practical Stoicism 

Podcast creator platform Glassbox Media has announced that its recent slate of original podcast shows, including one with host of Practical Stoicism Tanner Campbell, has led it to hitting more than 7m downloads per month.

Practical Stoicism, an original philosophy exploration podcast by Glassbox Media that was created in an exclusive partnership with Campbell, has since grown by 63% and reached up to 540k downloads per month. 

“Joining Glassbox has been like joining a family and a team all at once,” said Campbell. “Yes, they’re a business, and that means they’ve got to turn a profit to survive, but they don’t operate like that’s their main focus because Glassbox is smart enough to know it can’t be. 

“They’ll succeed if we creators succeed, and they know that, so they put their entire focus into making sure we have what we need. They’re a dream to work with, they understand the medium and the creative drive of podcasters, and I don’t think there’s a better network currently out there.”

In addition to Practical Stoicism, other shows that have grown the metrics of Glassbox include satirical and comedy podcast The God Pod, which has up to 415k downloads per month, and interview podcastClassic Conversation with award-winning comedian Jeff Dwoskin, at up to 230k.

“Our core mission is to help creators succeed and ultimately grow the value of their show catalogue and IP,” said CEO & co-founder of Glassbox David Segura. “We remain deeply invested in their growth and will continue to do all we can to help them succeed.”

Glassbox Media also works with brands and advertisers to help connect podcast creators to them, including household names such as Heineken, L’Oreal, Hyundai.