Apple Podcasts Spotlight to launch in the UK

Selected Spotlight UK creators will benefit from up to 16 hours of free studio recording time

Apple is launching its bi-monthly Apple Podcasts Spotlight feature in the UK and Ireland, beginning on 14 November with The Out of Home Podcast as its first selected show. 

Previously launched in the US in early 2021, Apple Podcasts Spotlight is an editorial initiative which highlights specific podcasts selected by its editorial team. The aim of the programme  is to help connect listeners to creators across a range of genres, formats, and locations with a special focus on independent and underrepresented voices. 

The Out of Home Podcast is the inaugural show to be featured in the UK, and revolves around four Londoners in the creative industry and their experience living in Amsterdam through stories of their own and those of others. They are also previous winners of the Bullseye award at the British Podcast Awards 2021.

"We are super excited to be part of Spotlight and working closely with Apple Podcasts, it’s a full circle moment for us, that Apple homepage is where we all discovered podcasts!” the hosts Kieran, Kwame, Steven, and Yaf said. “It’s a great feeling to be recognised for our unique perspective and to have our content showcased in front of a new audience, we’re all about having open and honest conversations, so I'm thrilled more people will be listening to them!”

Creators selected by Spotlight UK will benefit from increased visibility on the Apple Podcasts homepage with a custom illustration as well as up to 16 hours of free studio-recording time at the Platoon Podcast studio in London to use for things like in-person interviews, pilot sessions, and voice recordings.

Previous podcast creators that were spotlighted in the US have included Chelsea Devantez for her podcast Celebrity Book Club, Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland’s Pantsuit Politics, Nick Leighton and Leah Bonnem’s Were you raised by wolves? and more.