New astrology podcast uses dynamic insertion to create personalised tarot card readings

Hosted by astrologer and horoscope columnist Natasha Weber

iHeart Australia and production company Deadset Studios have released an innovative take on astrology podcasts that incorporates dynamic insertion technology to mimic personalised tarot card readings.

The biweekly Monday and Friday podcast titled Astrology Coach explores what’s happening in the current astrological climate and ends every episode with a randomly-selected tarot reading from a full 78-card deck.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be launching Astrology Coach,” said Australian Radio Network’s podcast content and partnership director Stephanie Coombes. “What’s most exciting about this show is the revolutionary tarot card readings that are randomly chosen for every listener at the end of the episode. It’s fun and helps the audience navigate the cosmic climate.”

Astrology Coach is hosted by astrologer Natasha Weber who is also the resident astrologer for and columnist for women’s media group Mamamia. She said that you don’t need to be a “spiritual guru, yogi master or astrology expert” to find value in the podcast.

“The key point of difference is the show’s bridge between ancient astrological wisdom and horoscope columns read by millions across the globe,” she said.

Daily horoscopes and psychic readings have become an increasingly popular genre in podcasts as more people turn to zodiacs in order to find meaning in their lives. Taking note of how popular astrology podcasts have become within Gen Z groups, Spotify and Parcast launched Horoscope Today in 2019 which gives individual forecast episodes every day for all 12 signs.

According to the Astrology Coach announcement, the show was created after studies revealed that more people are finding comfort now in astrology and psychics, with the dynamic insertion technology present used to give people a more personal and intimate experience.

“Many Australians are wanting to feel more control in uncertain times, so this fun show brings cosmic lightness to their week,” said director and founder of Deadset Studios, Kellie Riordan. “And by adding a ground-breaking, randomly chosen tarot read, Astrology Coach truly pushes the boundaries of what podcasting technology can do.”