Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks’ new show hits No. 3 in UK charts

Staying Relevant features reality TV stars discussing 'embarassing moments'

Staying Relevant, a new podcast hosted by reality stars Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks, has become the third most popular show on Apple Podcasts’ UK charts following the release of its first episode. 

The podcast is produced by Insanity Podcasts, the company behind shows such as Ki & Dee, Made By Mammas and The Hundamental Guide To Life, and features the stars of Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex talking about embarrassing moments in their career, with guests mooted to potentially join them in the future.

“I’ve managed to finally rope in Pete to do a podcast,” Thompson wrote on Instagram. “It’s no secret that we (Pete) aren’t getting any younger, two ageing Z listers in a world that’s leaving us behind but we won’t let that deter us.

“We’re gonna be the next Ant and Dec whether Pete believes it or not. We’re going to be talking about all the hilariously embarrassing things we’ve done, in a worryingly long career… to try and stay relevant.”

Other reality stars that have joined the world of podcasting include media personality and former fellow star of The Only Way is Essex, Gemma Collins. Her hit show, The Gemma Collins Podcast, started in 2019 as a BBC Sounds production and provided an intimate look into the star’s life. 

The podcast has since moved to Acast following an announcement at the 2022 Podcast Upfront, which will allow Collins to partner with brands and agencies for more advertising opportunities.

“It’s official. We are bringing the GC to Acast, said UK Acast Creator Network director Sam Shetabi. “Acast helps podcasters find their valuable audience and make more money, on their own terms, so we can’t wait to start working with Gemma on all her creative ideas for the podcast. 

“For advertisers, this means that you can start adding The GC to your media plans right now.”

This article originally incorrectly stated that Insanity Podcasts also produced My Dad Wrote A Porno, rather than managing its hosts. It has been amended to correct the error.