Welcome to PodPod: Introducing your guide to the world of podcasting

PodPod is here to serve all of your needs, whatever side of the mic you're on

Hello, and welcome to PodPod.com. I’m Adam Shepherd, editor of this new editorial brand all about the craft and the business of podcasting.

Speaking as a podcast addict, there’s never been a better time to be a listener. There are shows to educate, entertain and enlighten, and no matter what you’re interested in, podcast apps are overflowing with incalculable hours of content. Part of the reason podcasts are becoming so popular is that they’re a rich and vibrant creative force, revitalising established genres and carving out new categories. If you’ve got a fresh idea, or a cause that you’re passionate about, starting a podcast is one of the best ways to find your voice and share it with the world. 

More importantly though, people are now taking podcasting seriously as a media channel. Broadcast networks, technology giants and advertising titans have all spent the last several years investing heavily in the podcast industry, and it’s quickly earned a reputation as one of the most promising avenues for media businesses seeking new ways to build and engage with their audiences.

One of the most exciting things about podcasting is that it’s still so new - at least compared to other media channels such as TV or print publishing. The rules are still being written, and the podcast landscape is growing all the time. 

That’s why we’ve created PodPod. As both fans and creators of podcasts, we wanted to build something that gives the industry the attention and support it deserves. PodPod is a new brand from Haymarket, the makers of Campaign and the team behind the British Podcast Awards, and is for passionate professionals working across the podcast sector. This includes the people at the coalface of production and recording, such as podcast hosts, editors and producers, as well as the media industry movers and shakers responsible for driving growth and investment in the market.

Our flagship product is the PodPod podcast, where we’ll be discussing the most significant industry news and talking to expert guests from across the podcast world about their experiences, their strategies and the issues they’re dealing with. You may already have seen (or indeed heard) our first two episodes, featuring Deborah Meaden and Alastair Campbell respectively, and I’d highly encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already. As well as giving some fascinating behind-the-scenes insights into their own shows, they also discuss some of the learnings they’ve taken from their journeys.

Right here on PodPod.com, meanwhile, you’ll find a whole host of content designed to arm you with the tools to create, grow and monetise podcasts, whether you’re an independent creator or a large studio. We’ll have equipment and software reviews, recording tips, marketing and promotion strategies, and insightful features based on interviews with industry experts. 

PodPod will also explore the trends and developments shaping the business side of the podcast market, with deep analysis to allow marketers and advertising and media agencies to target their spending for maximum impact. For media professionals who want to be ahead of the curve when exploring the growing podcast ecosystem, PodPod is the place to be. 

Podcasts are the most exciting evolution that’s happened in media for years, and I’m proud and excited to be launching a brand which will be in the vanguard of driving this community forward. I hope you’ll join us as a member of the site, a podcast listener, and a subscriber to our email bulletins, and look out for brilliant events such as the Grow conference and the British Podcast Awards in 2023.

Finally, I’d also like to say a special thank you to all of our launch partners, Acast, Audio UK, Fresh Air, IAB UK and Newsworks, for supporting PodPod.

This is just the start of a long and exciting journey, not just for us, but for podcasting as a whole. If there’s anything you want to hear from us, then please do get in touch - but until then, we’ll see you on the feeds.